Latest Housing Report Signals Awakening

Housing Crisis Requires Bold Strategy, Says latest Commission report 

1. Radical Overhaul Needed: The Housing Commission has issued a stark warning that a mere tweak to the current housing policy won't cut it. A full-scale "reset" is the only way forward to tackle the deep-rooted issues.
2. Ambitious Targets Set: The professional development sector must ramp up its efforts, aiming to increase the construction of new homes from 27,000 to a staggering 60,000 annually if we are to bridge the housing gap.
3. Focus on Urban Growth: The report underscores the urgency of constructing more homes within the existing footprints of Ireland's main cities and towns. Special emphasis is placed on catering to one- and two-person households.
4. Viability Concerns: Building homes that meet modern environmental and social standards comes with higher initial costs. The report brings to light the significant challenge of ensuring housing viability under these conditions.
5. Affordability Analysis: Policymakers are urged to delve into the economic realities, determining how high up the income scale a household needs to be to afford a home that just breaks even.
6. Regulatory Certainty Essential: The commission stresses the need for clear and consistent regulations within the housing system. Specific areas must be covered with precise guidelines to ensure a stable and predictable framework for housing development.

Ireland's Public Service Broadcaster could use taxpayers funds for productive content like TEDTALKS where the public could be educated about all kinds of things including alternative, even healthier housing models. Despite multiple requests they do not engage. See example links on our main page..