Cohesion and well-being

Under the priority ‘Cohesion and well-being’ the Council of the European Union’s 2019-2022 work plan for culture established the creation of an Open Method of Coordination (OMC) group of Member States’ experts focusing on high-quality architecture and built environment for everyone.

Experts exchanged knowledge,
recommendations; many ways high-quality architecture can help to improve and further develop the spaces and places of Europe for the benefit of everyone.

As this expert group was at work, the European Commission launched the New European Bauhaus, which aims at transforming the European Green Deal into a new cultural project, beyond its technological or economic dimensions. While it goes beyond traditional ideas about the built environment, the New European Bauhaus has a considerable intersection with the conclusions of this report as it calls for architectural quality and design thinking as key contributors to the transformational movement it wants to inspire. This publication will no doubt be a major contribution feeding into the design and implementation of the New European Bauhaus .................Open

Towards a shared culture of architecture
Investing in a high-quality living environment for everyone : executive summary